In a follow-up on the measles and polio vaccination campaign in Brazil, more than 10 million children from one to less than five years old were vaccinated with 20.8 million doses of polio and measles. However, the 95% target has not yet been reached, health officials note.

Image/Erasmo Salomão (cropped)
Image/Erasmo Salomão (cropped)

Preliminary data from the Information System of the National Immunization Program (SI-PNI), fed by the states, indicate that the national average of vaccination is at 93%. Approximately 20.8 million doses of the vaccines were applied throughout the country (10.4 million of each vaccine). Twelve states (Mato Grosso do Sul, Alagoas, Ceará, Goiás, Paraíba, Maranhão, Sergipe, Espírito Santo, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Rondônia and Amapá) reached the Ministry of Health goal of vaccinating at least 95% of the target audience for the two vaccines.More than 4 thousand (72%) municipalities in the country met the target.

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This year’s campaign is indiscriminate, so all children in this age group should be vaccinated regardless of the vaccine situation. About 800,000 children have not yet taken the vaccines against the two diseases. In the age group of 3 and 4 years, the vaccination coverage is above the target, with 96.95% and 95.44%, respectively.

The biggest concern is with a one-year-old range, whose coverage is still at 85.45%.