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Through May 15 this year, health officials in Minas Gerais state report 311,908 probable cases of dengue.  Of this total, 149,091 cases were confirmed for the disease. There are 79 confirmed deaths from dengue in Minas Gerais and 118 deaths under investigation.

To date, Brazil has reported 1.5 million total dengue fever cases, including 387 deaths, according to the Pan American Health Organization.


With regard to Chikungunya fever, 62,343 probable cases of the disease were registered, of which 29,343 were confirmed. So far, 18 deaths from Chikungunya have been confirmed in Minas Gerais and 17 are under investigation.

Through May 6, Brazil has reported 124,270 total chikungunya cases, including 25 deaths.

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