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Brazil’s second most populous state has topped more than a quarter million probable dengue cases and more than 100,000 confirmed cases through April 24.

According to data from the State Department of Health of Minas Gerais (SES-MG), the state has registered  235,331 probable cases of dengue. Of this total, 102,537 cases were confirmed for the disease.

There are 49 confirmed deaths from dengue in Minas Gerais and 109 deaths under investigation.

Nationally, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Brazil has reported 756,149 total dengue cases, including 134 deaths.

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Concerning chikungunya, 50,590 probable cases of the disease were registered, of which 20,938 were confirmed. So far, 14 deaths from Chikungunya have been confirmed in Minas Gerais and 12 are under investigation.

In the first three months of 2023, Brazil has reported 78,643 total chikungunya cases, including 21,787 confirmed cases. 10 chikungunya deaths have been reported.