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Through August 2, health officials in Minas Gerais state, Brazil recorded 86,442 probable cases of dengue. Of this total, 58,386 cases were confirmed for the disease. 40 deaths were confirmed by the disease in Minas Gerais and 49 deaths are investigated so far.

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Regarding chikungunya fever, 7,213 probable cases of the disease were registered, of which 4,099 were confirmed. So far, there are no confirmed deaths from Chikungunya in Minas Gerais, and two are still under investigation.

As for the Zika virus, 74 probable cases were recorded, 20 of which were confirmed for the disease. There are no deaths from Zika in Minas Gerais so far.

Brazil has reported 1,910,657 total dengue cases through the end of July 2022. Of this total, 962,000 cases were confirmed.

774 deaths have been reported year to date.

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