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In a follow-up on a recent report on measles in Brazil, a new case of measles registered in
São Paulo turned on the alerts among the health authorities: it was the third record of indigenous transmission since February, without connection to each other, according to a Folha de S. Paulo report.

Image by Luciano Teixeira from Pixabay

There is fear of a new outbreak of the disease, and the government of São Paulo is already preparing a campaign to encourage the vaccination of children up to 5 years, the target population of the immunization.

The case was confirmed this week in Santos, the same city where another patient had been diagnosed with the disease last month. In February, another person with measles was identified in the city of São Paulo.

In 2016, Brazil received the official certificate of eradication of the disease, which was attributed to widespread vaccination of the population. Just three years later, in 2019, the joy ended and the country witnessed a new outbreak of the disease. The reason: vaccination coverage plummeted, from 95% in that year to around 72%.

The concern about a new outbreak of the disease in São Paulo is enormous, since measles vaccination coverage has also been falling in the state. In 2018 it came to 81.8% of children up to five years old. In 2019, the percentage dropped to 82.5%, in 2020 to 67.1%, and in 2021 to 60.1%, when considering the second dose of the vaccine.

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