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Blumenau City Hall, through the Health Promotion Secretariat (Semus), publishes the Dengue Bulletin for September. The city records 138 new outbreaks and 65 cases of the disease. To combat Aedes Aegypti, endemic agents continue to inspect homes, warehouses, vacant lots and commercial establishments to look for mosquito outbreaks.

The accumulated total since the first week of 2023 is 2,736 mosquito outbreaks and 2,092 confirmed cases.

Blumenau is a city in Vale do Itajaí, Santa Catarina state, in the South Region of Brazil.

Signs and symptoms
The first manifestation of dengue fever is high fever (39° to 40°C) with an abrupt onset, lasting two to seven days, associated with headache, weakness, body, joint and chest pain. From the eyes. Spots on the body are present in 50% of cases, and can affect the face, trunk, arms and legs. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting may also be present.

Outpatient care
The General Family Outpatient Clinics (AGFs) provide care in the neighborhoods: Velha; Agricultural School; García; Strength; Itoupava; Badenfurt and Center, Monday to Friday, from 7am to 10pm. The Family Health Strategy units (ESFs) also offer care to the population. The address and opening hours of the qualified units are on the City Hall website.

The guideline is that users always carry the official document in physical format to facilitate service logistics. Password distribution and patient reception are carried out up to one hour before the end of activities, so that professionals can organize the flow and ensure timely care for everyone.

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How to prevent the proliferation of Aedes aegypti
• Eliminate standing water from all containers;
• Avoid using dishes in potted plants. If using them, add sand to the brim;
• Store bottles with the neck facing down;
• Keep trash bins covered;
• Always leave water tanks sealed, without any opening, especially water tanks;
• Plants, such as bromeliads, should be avoided, as they accumulate water;
• Treat the pool water with chlorine and clean it once a week;
• Keep drains covered with fine mesh screens to prevent mosquitoes from gaining access to the area;
• Wash containers with water tanks, such as animal food and water bowls, with a brush or sponge and detergent, at least once a week;
• If it is necessary for the container to contain water, as in the case of drains, use hypochlorite;
• Remove water accumulated on slabs;
• Flush toilets, at least once a week, in rarely used bathrooms;
• Keep the toilet lid closed;
• Avoid accumulating rubbish, as this can become a breeding ground for the Dengue mosquito.