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Health authorities in Paraná state, in southern Brazil, have reported the first confirmed, locally transmitted Zika virus case, according to a state arbovirus bulletin.

Image by Paula Paulinha from Pixabay

The virus was detected in the municipality of Cambé, in the north of the state.

In addition, health officials reported three confirmed epizootic yellow fever cases, resulting in the deaths of three monkeys.

This took place in the municipality of Coronel Domingos Soares, in the southwest region of the state.

Aedes aegypti mosquito

Since the beginning of the current monitoring period in July, no human case of the disease in Paraná has been confirmed. However, the mortality of monkeys indicates the circulation of wild yellow fever virus in the respective region. “Monkeys are our sentinels and indicate the path that the virus can take, and given this information, we can anticipate measures to avoid urban yellow fever”, explains Secretary of Health Beto Preto.