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The Brazil Ministry of Health declared a Public Health Emergency of National Importance in view of the need to combat the lack of health care for the peoples living in the Yanomami territory. The ordinance was published this Friday.


In addition to the declaration of emergency, the Ministry also installed the Center for Emergency Operations in Public Health (COE – Yanomami) as a national mechanism for the coordinated management of the response to the emergency at the national level. The management of the COE will be under the responsibility of the Indigenous Health Secretariat (SESAI), considering the type of emergency.

The Coe is responsible for coordinating the measures to be used during the state of emergency, including the mobilization of resources for the reestablishment of health services and the articulation with state and municipal managers of the SUS.

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Serious condition in the country’s largest indigenous reserve

Since last Monday ( Jan 16), teams from the Ministry of Health have been meeting in the Yanomami region, an indigenous territory with more than 30,400 inhabitants. The group came across children and elderly people in a serious state of health, with severe malnutrition, in addition to many cases of malaria, acute respiratory infection (ARI) and other problems.

After returning from the mission, which should take place on the 25th, the team has about 15 days to present a complete survey on the critical health situation that the indigenous people are in. Technicians are analyzing the entire health situation in the region, the services provided and available inputs.