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A 41-year-old woman residing in Simões Filho , in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador , is hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the capital of Bahia after being diagnosed with the Ilheus virus (ILHV), according to a G1 Globo report. According to the Secretary of Health of Simões Filho, this is the only case registered in the city.

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Ilheus virus Islet Virus is transmitted through mosquitoes and is common in birds and rodents, but quite rare in humans. It has this name because it was discovered in the municipality of Ilhéus, in the south of Bahia, in 1947. Since then, there are only records of it in Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia.

The patient, whose name has not been released, is hospitalized at the Hospital Couto Maia, in Salvador, a reference unit in the care of infectious diseases. The woman’s health status was not detailed.

According to the Secretary of Health of Simões Filho, Iridan Brasileiro, before being transferred to the hospital, the woman sought a health unit in the municipality with symptoms such as fatigue and headache.

“She had a lot of sweating, the pressure dropped a lot and she started to present a neurological condition of mental confusion. She had no articulation in speech, she said disconnected things and the breathing difficulty she presented caught the attention of the medical team”, explained the secretary.

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After the condition worsened, she was transferred to the capital of Bahia and her blood samples were sent to the Institute of Health Sciences, at the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba), where they underwent several analyses.

“We did all the tests for the most well-known arboviruses, such as dengue, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever. They all came back negative, so we did immunological tests for all of that and we also had negative results. Thus, we arrived at the diagnosis of the ILHV”, said the researcher Gúbio Soares.

The researcher also pointed out that, because the virus is not transmitted from person to person, there is no need to worry about the carnival.

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According to Simões Filho’s Secretary of Health, samples from the city were collected and taken for analysis. She informed that the municipal teams will continue to combat the outbreak of mosquitoes that cause arboviruses and there will be an intensification in the actions of endemic agents.