In a follow-up on the report of a suspected COVID-19 case in São Paulo, Brazil, health officials have confirmed the case of a 61-year-old who had visited Italy. The test was carried out by the Adolfo Lutz Institute gave a positive result. Thus, Brazil has its first confirmed case of the disease”, explains the Minister of Health.

The Secretary of State for Health of São Paulo, José Henrique Ferreira, reported (computer translated) that the patient is well, at home, in family isolation. “As soon as the symptoms are over, he will stop being in an isolated patient situation and return to his normal life”.

“From there begins the work of locating what are the close and possible contacts. The next ones are wife, prolonged, intimate contact. The eventual contacts are people who stayed for a few moments, some moments with this patient”.

“The prompt service and the standard of excellence that was given in the care of the Albert Einstein hospital was noteworthy because it collected the material and adopted the same standard of excellence in the PCR of the Ministry of Health”, explains the Minister of Health.

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“Now that we are going to see how this virus will behave in the southern hemisphere, in the situation of a tropical country, in the middle of summer. How will the pattern of behavior be. It is a new virus”, explains the minister.

In addition to the one confirmed case, Brazil is reporting 20 suspected cases.