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The National Health Surveillance Agency – Anvisa reported this week the third outbreak of Candida auris in Brazil.


The 2 cases occurred in a hospital in Pernambuco (PE). Isolates from urine samples from a 38-year-old male patient and of a female patient, 70 years old, admitted to a Hospital in Pernambuco.

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On 01/11/2022, Anvisa was notified of the confirmation of the first case and on 01/13/2022 the second case was confirmed.

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The identifications were confirmed by the reference laboratory–the Central Public Health Laboratory. 

  • Since the identification of the suspected cases, the hospital has established precautionary measures and taken actions to prevent and control the outbreak. 
  • The Pernambuco State Infection Prevention and Control Coordination was notified about the suspected case, carried out a technical visit to the hospital and is providing guidance, monitoring the outbreak and supporting infection prevention and control actions. 
  • The national task force was activated and several surveillance , monitoring, prevention and control actions were intensified. 
  • The epidemiological investigation is already being organized and will be conducted by the Centers for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance ( Cievs ) and by the Epi SUS ( Epidemiology Applied to the services of the Unified Health System – SUS).  
  • CGLAB is monitoring and supporting the laboratory investigation of the outbreak. 
  • The reference laboratories – Lacens from Pernambuco and Bahia are supporting the analysis of samples sent by the hospital laboratory. 
  • The L emi from EPM/Unifesp is already preparing for the sequencing of the isolates. 
  • Anvisa is monitoring the actions related to the outbreak, articulating with those involved and supporting the actions of the national task force . 

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