By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Health officials in Brazil report the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country rose to 2,201. In fact, officials report all states in the country have registered cases of the disease, but not all regions have the same level of transmission.

The northern region, for example, has 3.7% of the total cases in Brazil. At the other end, the Southeast region represents the highest percentage, in the order of 58.1%.

São Paulo has reported the most cases with 810, followed by Rio de Janeiro with 305.

To date, 46 deaths have been confirmed, 40 in the state of São Paulo and six in Rio de Janeiro.

The executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, João Gabbardo, explained that most cases of coronavirus are asymptomatic, that is, the person will have the disease, but will have no symptoms. “Out of every 100 patients with cornavirus, we were able to identify 14. About 86% of people who have coronavirus are not identified. This occurs worldwide. We work with an index that would be based on the evolution of other countries of an increase in the number of data confirmed at 33% per day. This means that every three days, we would have doubled the number of cases. This has happened. However, we have generally been below 33%. The growth curve is within our expectations. it is the country that has the greatest variation in cases in the 10 most affected countries. We are below the average among countries.

To guarantee a collective effort by all Brazilians to reduce the transmission speed of the coronavirus, last Friday, the Ministry of Health recognized the community transmission of COVID-19 throughout the country. Thus, the measure is a strategy for the whole of Brazil to unite against the virus.

In practical terms, the declaration is a command from the Ministry of Health for all national managers to adopt measures to promote social distance and avoid congregations, known as non-pharmacological measures, that is, that do not involve the use of medicines or vaccines.