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In 2020, Brazil health officials reported 8,448 confirmed measles cases, including 10 deaths.


Pará State saw the most cases with 5,385 confirmed cases, followed by Rio de Janeiro State with 1,348 and São Paulo State with 867.

Between the summer of 2019 and the end of 2020, the main genotype identified in the federal units with
active outbreaks has been D8, lineage MVs/Gir Somnath.IND/42.16/. The genotipes MVi/Hulu
Langat.MYS/26.11/, MVi/Delhi.IND/01.14/06, and MVs/Istanbul.TUR/28.18/ were also identified in les
proportion. Among the confirmed cases reported in 2020, only the genotype D8, lineage MVs/Gir
Somnath.IND/42.16/. was identified

Among the 8,448 confirmed cases, 4,892 (58%) were unvaccinated, 1,744 (21%) were vaccinated.
For 2,106 cases (21%), no information regarding vaccination status was available.

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