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By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

Officials with the municipality of Ribeirão Preto,  in the northeastern region of São Paulo state, Brazil, has seen dengue fever cases rise to more than 17,000 cases through October, more than reported in all of 2019.


Ribeirão Preto registered 17,538 dengue cases until October 2020, according to an epidemiological bulletin released by the Municipal Health Department.

The number exceeds the positive cases of 2019, when 14,421 people were infected by the disease in the city.

Ribeirão continues with five confirmed deaths, surpassing the whole of last year, when three deaths were registered and this year’s numbers may rise as nine suspected deaths are still under investigation.

The west side of the city continues to lead the way in positive dengue cases. Until October, the number of confirmations among residents was 5,089.

Following, comes the East zone, with 3,629, followed by the North, which had 3,558. The South region registered 3,301 confirmations.

The central area is the one with the lowest rate of infected people, with 1,961.

Other diseases transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito–Zika, chikungunya and Yellow fever–have not been reported in the city this year.

Brazil has reported a total of 1,378,592 dengue fever cases in 2020 to date, including 500 deaths.