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While most of the attention on infectious diseases in Brazil is focused on the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases in the country (465,000 cases and 28,000 deaths), other outbreaks are making their mark in the largest South America country. This include some one million dengue fever cases and by far the most measles cases reported in the western hemisphere.


Between 1 January and 20 May 2020, Brazil has reported 3,155 confirmed cases, including four deaths.

During the first 18 weeks of the year, there have been an average of 175.3 cases.

20 federal units have reported active outbreaks in 2020 with Pará (1272), Rio de Janeiro (874) and São Paulo (604) seeing the most cases.

Among the 3,155 confirmed cases, 2,012 (63.8%) were unvaccinated, 11 (0.3%) were vaccinated
with one dose, and 7 (0.2%) were vaccinated with two doses. For 736 cases (23.3%), no information
regarding vaccination status was available.

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The predominant genotype and lineage in 2020 continue to be D8, lineage MVs/Gir Somnath.IND/42.16/, which was also circulating in 2019.

In addition to Brazil, eight other countries in North and South America have reported measles cases- Argentina (60 cases, including 1 death), Bolivia (2 cases), Canada (1 case), Chile (2 cases), Colombia (1 case), Mexico (172 cases), the United States of America (12 cases), and Uruguay (2 cases).

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