By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

In Southern Bahia state, particularly in the municipality of Itabela, malaria cases have been increasing since late April when the first case was discovered.


To date, 53 positive cases of the disease have been registered, which has experts to designate that the region is experiencing an outbreak of malaria.

“We carry out daily investigation actions, entomological collection of vectors, search for symptomatic people, treatment, collection and reading of thick drop slides”, director of Epidemiological Surveillance of the State Health Department, Márcia São Pedro Leal said. She also stated that most people confirmed to have the disease live in the Margarida Alves settlement, in Itabela. There are also cases registered in Porto Seguro and Itamaraju.

The last recorded cases of malaria in Bahia were in 2018, with 77 confirmed cases from residents of the municipality of Wenceslau Guimarães.

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