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In a follow-up on a report earlier this month of a human rabies case in the Federal District, the first such case in 40+ years, officials now report the death of the teen.

Image by Clickphoto Switzerland from Pixabay

The male teenager, who was hospitalized since June 20, died Saturday. The teen contracted the lethal virus in late May after being scratched by a cat.

The last case of human rabies in the Federal District was recorded in 1978.

“All the necessary measures of epidemiological investigation, control and prophylaxis were taken with family members, close contacts and health professionals”, informed the Health Department of the Federal District.

Brazil has been effective in controlling rabies and occurrences have been sporadic. According to the historical series available on the Ministry of Health website, 45 cases have been recorded across the country since 2010.

In a survey by the Ministry of Health, of the other 44 cases registered in the country since 2010, nine were infected through a dog, 22 from bats, four from non-human primates, two from foxes and four from felines. In three cases, it was not possible to identify the aggressor animal.