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Officials in Tocantins state in central Brazil say their has been 1,582 confirmed dengue fever cases in 2020 to date, an 87 percent decrease from 2019.


Last year, 12,051 cases of dengue were reported.

In addition to dengue, two other diseases carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito also saw decreases–167 Zika cases and 55 chikungunya cases last year, compared to five and 18, respectively.

Dengue in 2019, the vaccines and the quest for a World Dengue Day

Friday marks the end of the State Week to Combat Aedes in Tocantins. Arbovirus Surveillance Manager, Cristiane Bueno said this campaign to combat Aedes  is a call and a very important alert for the population, due to the favorable period for the proliferation and transmission of arboviruses by the vector. “Even in this pandemic scenario, the fight against these diseases continues and it is essential that the whole society is attentive and engaged in the elimination of the possible outbreaks of the mosquito, after all health agents are not able to fight the vector alone, so it is necessary that we are united in order to mitigate the effects of transmission of arboviruses in the State”.

Aedes aegypti mosquito