By NewsDesk  @bactiman63

The Brazil Ministry of Health is now reporting 10,139,148 confirmed cases of  COVID-19, topping the 10 million case mark on Thursday, making it the third country to hit that number.

On Saturday, 57,472 additional cases were registered in national systems.

In the last 24 hours, 1,212 deaths were registered in the official systems, bringing the total death toll to 245,977.

The upsurge in the epidemic curve of Covid-19 in Amazonas, registered in early January this year by the Health authorities, is beginning to show signs of remission. In the last two weeks, the state had a drop of 31% in the registration of new cases of the disease and of 43% in the number of deaths.

Manaus continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic in the state, and has lower rates of reduction in new cases (30%) and deaths (41%). The interior has the best results, with a 33% drop in new cases and 57% in the number of deaths. The interior has a lethality rate of 1.8, lower than the Brazilian average, which is 2.4.

Amazonas has already vaccinated 208,040 people in the first phase of immunization against Covid-19, equivalent to 63.6% of the total programmed for this stage. Manaus, with more than 110 thousand vaccinated, reaches 82.7% of the target, pulling Amazonas to the first position on the immunization map in the whole country. For the second dose, 16.7 thousand people have already been vaccinated across the state, equivalent to 5% of the target.

The state is preparing to start, next week, a task force that aims to vaccinate the entire population up to the age of 50. The vaccines for this will come from the two lots that will be made available by the Butantan and Fiocruz laboratories.

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