Health officials in Brazil are reporting two Chagas disease outbreaks in the northern state of Pará.

Kissing bug next to penny Image/Rachel Curtis-Hamer Labs
Kissing bug next to penny
Image/Rachel Curtis-Hamer Labs

According to a G1 report (computer translated), two acute outbreaks of Chagas disease in the municipality of Acará, in the northeast of Pará. In all, there are 18 cases of disease, and one person died.

According to Evandro Chagas Institute, the victims are 11 from one family and seven from another family, who live nearby. An 88-year-old man died. In the death certificate, Chagas’ disease is one of the causes of death. Another 99-year-old man is hospitalized in a private hospital in Belém. Other victims are being treated at home.

Officials suspect  the outbreak of the disease may be related to the intake of acai contaminated by feces of the insect vector, as a result of carelessness in the hygienic conditions ideal for the preparation of the product.

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