By NewsDesk   @bactiman63

The State Department of Health (Sesapi) discloses yet another case of West Nile Fever diagnosed in Piauí state. He is a young adult who suffered from meningoencephalitis and was admitted to the Natan Portela Tropical Diseases Institute, in Teresina – PI, in February 2020.


The patient was discharged with clinical improvement. The patient lives in the urban area of ​​Água Branca – PI, although his symptoms started during his stay in São Paulo – SP.

This is the seventh case of West Nile fever diagnosed in Piauí. The other six cases correspond to patients residing in the municipalities of Aroeiras do Itaim (2014), Picos (2017), Piripiri (2017), Lagoa Alegre (2019), Teresina (2019) and Amarante (2019). Animal cases have already been recorded in Brazil, in the states of Espírito Santo (2018), Ceará (2019) and São Paulo (2019).

Since 2013, SESAPI actively monitors all suspected cases of the disease. The Institute of Tropical Diseases Natan Portella is the reference hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of cases. The recommended preventive measures are similar to those recommended against dengue, Zika and chikungunya: avoid the proliferation of breeding sites and contact with transmitting mosquitoes.