Stop snoring


The Brazil Ministry of Health updated on Wednesday (computer translated) the information passed by the state health departments on the situation of yellow fever in the country. During the monitoring period (from July 1, 2017 to March 27, 2018), 1,131 cases of yellow fever were confirmed in the country, of which 338 died.

This compares to 660 cases and 210 confirmed deaths during the same period last year.

The whole Brazilian territory will be a recommendation area for yellow fever vaccine. The measure will be made gradually, beginning this year and being completed by April 2019. The extension is preventive and aims to anticipate protection against disease for the entire population in case of an increase in the area of circulation of the virus.

Currently, some states in the Northeast and part of the South and Southeast are not part of the vaccine recommendation areas. With the expansion, 77.5 million people should be vaccinated throughout the country. The amount corresponds to the current estimate of unvaccinated persons in these new areas.