In an update on the yellow fever outbreak in Brazil, the number of confirmed cases now stand at 396 since December 2016. Of this total, 134 death were reported putting the case fatality rate (CFR) at 34 percent among confirmed cases.


The confirmed cases are distributed in three states: Minas Gerais (303), Espírito Santo (89), and São Paulo (4).

The Brazil Ministry of Health announced Friday they have acquired 12 million yellow fever vaccine doses in an effort to strengthen vaccination in affected areas.  Of this total, 8.46 million were produced by Fiocruz / BioManguinhos (subordinated to the Ministry) and another 3.5 million will be sent by the International Coordination Group (ICG).

In 2017 alone, 16.15 million extra doses have been sent to states that register cases of yellow fever, to intensify immunization and to prevent transmission of the disease. There were 7.5 million for Minas Gerais; 3.25 million for São Paulo; 3.45 million for the Holy Spirit; 1.05 million for Rio de Janeiro and 900 thousand for Bahia.

Throughout 2017, the population of the entire state of Rio de Janeiro will be vaccinated for yellow fever in a staggered way. In the first stage, 55 municipalities in Rio will carry out the vaccination. To help intensify immunization, a million doses were sent to the state on Thursday.