The number of probable Zika virus infections in Brazil in 2016 is reported to be at 138,108, according to the Ministry of Health data through May 7 via Brazilian media (computer translated).  Of these, 49,821 were confirmed cases.

Public domain image/Deyvid Aleksandr Raffo Setti
Public domain image/Deyvid Aleksandr Raffo Setti

The states with the highest rates are Mato Grosso, with 558.1 cases / 100,000 inhabitants, Bahia, with 265.9 cases / 100,000 inhabitants and Rio de Janeiro, with 230.8 cases / 100,000 inhabitants.

Concerning microcephaly cases, the Ministry of Health confirmed 1,581 cases of microcephaly and other nervous system disorders, suggestive of congenital infection throughout the country through Jun 15, according to a health ministry bulletin (computer translated).

The new report recorded 3,308 cases discarded because of normal tests, or because they have microcephaly and malformations or confirmed because no infectious or do not meet the case definition. Other 3,047 remain under investigation. Overall, since the beginning of the investigation, in October 2015, it was reported 7,936 suspected cases of microcephaly in Brazil.

Of the total confirmed cases, 226 were confirmed by specific laboratory criteria for Zika virus. The Ministry of Health, however, points out that this figure does not represent adequately the total number of cases related to the virus. The folder considers that there was infection Zika most of the mothers who had babies with a final diagnosis of microcephaly. The 1,581 confirmed cases in Brazil occurred in 562 municipalities located in 25 Brazilian states and the Federal District. Acre state is the only state without a confirmed case.

In relation to deaths in the same period, there were 317 suspected deaths of microcephaly and / or alteration of the central nervous system after birth or during pregnancy (miscarriage or stillbirth) in the country. Of these, 73 were confirmed to microcephaly and / or alteration of the central nervous system. Other 198 are still under investigation and 46 were discarded.