In an update on the brucellosis outbreak reported among students at a Paraguay veterinary school, an Ultima Hora report Monday (computer translated) states that two additional cases have been confirmed, bringing the total to four students and professors.


In addition, there are 44 people suspected of being infected with the bacteria.

The report says upon learning about the contagion of zoonotic disease in Veterinary students, 420 samples were taken within the Faculty. Health Surveillance received 129 results, of which only two cases tested positive on the occasion. Subsequently, 125 samples were tested and from that group the two positive cases were confirmed, this Monday, adding four officially.

The director of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Public Health, Águeda Cabello, reported that the students from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the National University of Asunción (UNA) were infected with the Brucella bacteria after being in contact with livestock goat from the practice center of the San Lorenzo campus.

The dean of the institution, Dr. Azucena Cabrera was asked to submit her resignation for knowingly hiding the fact that the animals were infected and continued selling of the milk; however, that did not happen.

The dean had denied that she had hidden the cases and said that as soon as she found out, she suspended the sale.