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Over the weekend, we reported on dozens of brucellosis cases in people at the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute in Gansu Province. Today, we see an additional report of a brucellosis outbreak at a second veterinary research facility in China.

Brucella melitensis colonies/CDC

According to the Heilongjiang Bulletin (computer translated), the Heilongjiang Provincial Health and Health Commission issued a report on positive Brucella cases reported in more than a dozen  students of the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Harbin Institute).

As of Tuesday, 13 people with Brucella antibody-positive reports related to the epidemic, including 1 confirmed case of brucellosis, 2 suspected cases, and 10 recessive infections.

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An epidemiological survey showed that the 49 students who came to the clinic were from the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 37 of whom had short-term animal contact research work in the laboratory of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute in August this year. Animal contact history, 13 cases were finally diagnosed. The other 12 students who had not worked in Lanzhou Animal Research Institute in August were not infected. Experts evaluated the outbreak as an imported one.

Brucellosis, referred to as brucellosis, is a zoonotic disease. The source of infection is mainly infected animals such as cattle and sheep. It is not contagious between people and will not cause the spread of the disease.