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The World Health Organization (WHO) released updated numbers of the malaria epidemic in Burundi and the total cases has eclipsed 7 million for 2019. From 1 January to 20 October 2019, a cumulative total of 7,233,138 malaria cases with 2,691 deaths (case fatality ratio 0.03%) have been reported across the country. An average of 60 deaths have been reported every week in the year 2019.

Anopheles gambiae mosquito

The eastern region of the country is more affected, WHO reports.

The last malaria epidemic in Burundi was recorded in 2017. It affected all districts of the country and resulted in 6,218,058 cases and 2,752 deaths (case fatality ratio 0.04%) being recorded from January to October 2017.

Malaria is endemic in most parts of Burundi with an increase in cases usually observed from April to May and from November to December. However, in 2019 the usual decrease observed after May has not been seen.