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Federal and state health officials are investigating a multistate outbreak of Campylobacter infections linked to puppies sold through Petland, a national pet store chain.

Image/jagdprinzessin via pixabay
Image/jagdprinzessin via pixabay

The outbreak includes 39 people with laboratory-confirmed Campylobacter infections or symptoms consistent with Campylobacter infection who live in 7 states (Florida (11), Kansas (5), Missouri (1), Ohio (18), Pennsylvania (2), Tennessee (1), and Wisconsin (1)) and were exposed to puppies sold through Petland stores.

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Of the 39 cases reported, 12 are Petland employees from 4 states and 27 either recently purchased a puppy at Petland, visited a Petland, or visited or live in a home with a puppy sold through Petland before illness began.

Evidence suggests that puppies sold through Petland are a likely source of this outbreak. Petland is cooperating with public health and animal health officials to address this outbreak.

This investigation is ongoing.

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Campylobacter is a disease that people can get from puppies and dogs. Puppies and dogs with a Campylobacter infection might show no signs of illness or might have diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever.

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