By Jory Lange

Rediviva, a restaurant in Aberdeen, Washington, has been temporarily closed following a food poisoning outbreak.  19 guests got sick and 1 person was hospitalized after eating the restaurant’s Valentine’s Day meals. At least one customer has been diagnosed with Campylobacter jejuni.  


Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division is investigating the Rediviva food poisoning outbreak.  “Many of the known ill patrons continue to exhibit symptoms of illness. Though the investigation is ongoing, Environmental Health believes that the illness was caused by chicken liver mousse,” said the Environmental Health Division.

“Something to keep in mind is that Campylobacter is easily killed by thoroughly cooking poultry to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees. … It doesn’t spread easily to others, but it can result in serious illness, especially with those that are immunocompromised,” officials explained.

Got Smallpox?

On February 26th, Grays Harbor County inspected Rediviva, finding multiple “critical” and “non-critical” food safety violations.  The next day, Rediviva temporarily closed.