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The first monkeypox case has been reported in Yukon, according to Yukon’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Sudit Ranade.

Image/Robert Herriman

“On Thursday, July 21, the first case of monkeypox was confirmed in the territory.

“Yukon Communicable Disease Control (YCDC) is conducting a thorough investigation into this case and the individual is in isolation. In this case, we understand that the exposure to monkeypox occurred outside of the territory.

“Monkeypox and the resulting rash can look similar to other infectious diseases, such as chickenpox, or sexually transmitted infections such as herpes or gonorrhea. Please consult a health care provider if you experience symptoms consistent with monkeypox.

“Monkeypox is a disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus. Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms, but milder and rarely fatal. Monkeypox is usually a self-limited viral infection with a rash that may be painful and most people recover on their own after a few weeks”.

As of July 22, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has reported 681 cases of monkeypox in Canada.