In a YouGov poll about one week ago, we discovered that a full 1/5 of adults under age 30 polled believe that vaccines can cause autism.

Ontario map/public domain wikimedia commons
Ontario map/public domain wikimedia commons

Now we are seeing similar numbers in Ontario, Canada, according to a new Mainstreet Technologies poll. Some of the finding include in the survey of 3,000 respondents include:

30% say parents should be able to decide against vaccinating their children;  53% agree schools should turn away unvaccinated children; 20% agree vaccines could cause autism, 19% neither agree or disagree with the statement and 60% agree serious health impacts loom if children are not vaccinated.

“What’s concerning is 20% of residents agree vaccines could cause autism, and that 15% don’t believe lower immunizations rates will cause serious health problems. There are many children who cannot be immunized and who are depending on herd immunity for their well-being,” said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Technologies.

The number of people polled that believe vaccines could cause autism are similar in other provinces: Alberta (21%), Saskatchewan (20%) and a whooping 26% of those polled in Manitoba.

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