H3N2 canine influenza, or ‘dog flu” was reported in the state of Florida in late May and now outbreaks are reported in at least nine states.

Image/MemoryCatcher via pixabay
Image/MemoryCatcher via pixabay

I was joined by Maddie’s® Clinical Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, Cynda Crawford, DVM, PhD on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show to get the latest information on the canine influenza virus (CIV) and the situation in Florida and elsewhere.

Dr. Crawford described an avian influenza origin to the current H3N2 CIV that has been seen in the US for several years and really broke out in the midwest, especially the Chicago area in the 2015 outbreak.

She went over the ABC’s of dog flu to include symptoms, treatment and prevention, issues important for every dog owner. In fact, Crawford said, “I can’t stress enough that vaccination is the most important tool for protecting your dogs against canine influenza”.  She also notes the importance of canine influenza in your community.

In addition, Dr. Crawford said that while the current outbreak started among dog shows, it has now “spilled over” into the pet dog population.

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