By: Candess Zona-Mendola of MakeFoodSafe

The CDC just updated its surveillance reporting concerning cyclospora cases. No one can dispute that the timing is nigh, especially with outbreaks linked to basil, Cooper’s Hawk, several Albany New York organizations, Taste restaurant in South Haven, and a huge cyclospora cluster in Massachusetts.

And we are knee deep in cyclospora season. Although the exact timing and duration of cyclospora seasons can vary, the CDC noted that reports tend to increase starting in May. In comparison to previous years, the reported number of cases peaked between June and July, although activity can last as late as September. Here we are in July, and the outbreaks are just beginning it appears.

What we didn’t expect was that there are thus far 580 cases, 38 of which have been hospitalized, in 32 states. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported. This may mean more outbreak notices are on the horizon. According to the latest from the CDC, “At this time, multiple clusters of cases associated with different restaurants or events are being investigated by state public health authorities, CDC, and FDA…Many cases of cyclosporiasis could not be directly linked to an outbreak, in part because of the lack of validated molecular typing tools for C. cayetanensis.”

Imported Basil from Mexico the Source of 132 Cyclospora Cases

If you or someone you love is showing symptoms of cyclospora, medical attention is recommended. Also, don’t forget to report confirmed illnesses to the health department.