By:  Jory D. Lange, Jr.

beef-small14 people have been hospitalized in a Salmonella outbreak that has prompted a nationwide recall of ground beef products manufactured by JBS Tolleson, Inc.  So far, the CDC has been notified of 57 people with Salmonella food poisoning in this outbreak.  Illnesses have been identified in 16 states: Arizona (15 people); Colorado (12 people); Utah (6 people); Montana (5 people); California (4 people); Nevada (2 people); Ohio (2 people); South Dakota (2 people); Wyoming (2 people); and 1 person each in Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Oregon.  Because it can take two or more weeks for Salmonella infections to be reported to the CDC, the case count may continue to rise.

According to the CDC, “epidemiologic and traceback evidence indicates that ground beef produced by JBS Tolleson, Inc. is a likely source of this outbreak.” 14 people have been hospitalized.  No deaths have been reported as part of this outbreak.

Any consumers with ground beef in their refrigerators or freezers should check the product for establishment number “EST. 267”.  If your ground meat has this establishment number, the CDC advises you to contact the store where you bought it to find out if it is part of the JBS Tolleson ground beef recall.

Children under the age of 5, adults over the age of 65, and anyone with a weakened immune system are especially at risk of developing severe complications from Salmonella infections.