A clinical trial has been launched in Argentina to see if a shorter regimen of the drug benznidazole has the potential to become a new standard treatment for Chagas disease to treat adult patients in the chronic phase of the disease, with fewer side effects.

Trypanosoma cruzi /CDC

The hope with a shorter regimen is to increase adherence to treatment, improve the overall risk profile versus the benefits of treatment, and expand treatment coverage.

Approved by the regulatory agency ANMAT, the NuestroBen clinical trial will be carried out at six sites in the cities of Buenos Aires, Corrientes, and Santiago del Estero. It is led by the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), in partnership with Laboratorio ELEA PHOENIX and the Mundo Sano Foundation, under the supervision of Argentina’s Ministry of Health.

We carried out the first controlled study in Bolivia between 2016 and 2018 to assess the efficacy of various regimens with benznidazole. We concluded that a two-week treatment is as effective as an eight-week treatment, and none of the patients discontinued the treatment due to side effects,’ said Sergio Sosa Estani, Head of DNDi’s Chagas Clinical Programme.

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