The human Q fever outbreak in Osorno Province in the Los Lagos Region has grown to 59 suspect cases and three confirmed cases, according to a report (computer translated).

Chile map/CIA
Chile map/CIA

While there have been no reports of deaths, 18 patients have required hospitalization for pneumonia and three of them were connected to mechanical ventilation.

Of this total, 82 percent of the cases were seen in livestock workers.

According to Eduardo Schwerter, president of Agrollanquihue, association of agricultural entrepreneurs, the disease has existed for years in the country, however, until now it did not affect people.

In the region, authorities and productive unions assure that they have increased the preventive measures.

“The contact with the bacteria occurs mainly in the management of the delivery of a cow or a sheep. Shelter measures are always taken, such as the use of gloves, but now with the aim of reducing or avoiding the maximum possible contact, additional measures are being taken, “explained Schwerter.