The Bio Bio health department confirmed an additional case of hantavirus, the 9th case of 2016 in the region, in a 11-year-old child, according to a local media account (computer translated).

Chile map/CIA
Chile map/CIA

The patient is hospitalized in the Asistencial Victor Rios Ruiz of Los Angeles complex, in stable condition.

Of the nine confirmed cases this year, five are concentrated in Ñuble and 4 in the province of Biobio. In all of 2015, 13 hantavirus cases were reported.

“Indeed, through our Epidemiology Unit has confirmed to us the ninth case of Hantavirus in our region, 56% of them based in the Province of Dims and 44% in the Province of Biobío. a lower rate of infection than 2015, as well as a major lethality on low, reaching to a case, which corresponds to 11% is evident. 2014 ended with a fatality rate of 69.2%, while 46.1% 2015 arrived, “said the Health Secretary of Bio Bio, Mauritius Careaga.