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Health officials in Chile reported on the set of measures and actions to face the growing demand for intensive care by patients with COVID-19 in the Metropolitan Region and called on the population to effectively comply with the quarantines and adopt the measures of individual prevention to avoid infections that lead to more hospitalizations.

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“It is evident that we are facing a very complex situation, especially in the Metropolitan Region, where the demand for hospitalization, for respirators has grown in the order of 5% per day, a very relevant number and that has determined the almost total quarantine of communes of Santiago ”, said the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich.

Mañalich said that “we have approached the limit” in the use of beds for critical cases and ventilators due to the outbreak in Santiago.

The Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, explained that as of yesterday, 604 people were in an ICU as a result of COVID-19. He explained that for 10 days there have been an increase in 20 patients who must be admitted to an intensive care unit daily.

He reported that 494 of the ICU patients are on mechanical ventilation and 113 of them are in critical health condition.

The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, during his visit to the Supply Center (Cenabast), reported on the complex situation that the world and our country is facing due to COVID-19, which he described as “the most serious threat and the most formidable health challenge of the last 100 years ”.

However, the President highlighted the work that has been done. “We have prepared ourselves since January, strengthening our health system to face this pandemic, through the early incorporation of 5 new hospitals, significantly increasing critical beds, mechanical ventilators and personal protection elements. And most importantly, increased and training our medical personnel to face this gigantic challenge, “he said.

He also mentioned measures to contain the spread of the disease such as quarantines.

The President stressed that “Despite all the preparation and measures adopted, we will face the most difficult times and the greatest health challenges of the last 100 years in the coming weeks. This requires not only the invaluable commitment of healthcare workers and efficient management of available healthcare resources, so that they are at the place and when people need it. It also requires the collaboration and responsibility of all citizens. ”

Chile has reported 31,721 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 335 deaths. They currently report the third most cases in South America behind Brazil and Peru.