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A 35-year-old man was confirmed as the first case of hantavirus in La Araucanía in Central Chile during the year 2022.

Chile map/CIA

This according to the results delivered by the laboratory of the Hernán Henríquez Aravena Hospital in Temuco, which confirmed that the man from the commune of Curarrehue is the first to be infected with the long-tailed mouse virus so far this year in La Araucanía.

The health regional minister (seremi) Andrés Cuyul ​​reported that the man is hospitalized, stable and with oxygen support.

The epidemiology and zoonoses teams together with vectors from the Seremi de Salud are carrying out the corresponding epidemiological and environmental investigation, visiting the places where it could have allegedly been infected.

The health authority called on the population to take extreme precautionary measures against hantavirus infection to avoid transmission to those who work and live in rural areas, bearing in mind that contagion can occur in any season of the year.