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The Instituto de Salud Publica in Chile recently reported the number vaccinated against influenza at the national level has exceeded the Ministry of Health projections, achieving in just two weeks a total of 2,167,240 immunized through March 28, which represents a  38.13 % of the target population  that is intended to be vaccinated during this campaign.

A person receives the seasonal influenza vaccine (flu shot). Imahe/NIAID
A person receives the seasonal influenza vaccine (flu shot).

Pregnant women over 13 weeks, adults over 65 and over, children between six months and six years, chronically ill and workers of poultry or pig farms have flocked to more than  650 public  and private vaccination centers deployed throughout Chile, which has generated an  average of 177,422 immunized during the business days of the campaign.

Of the risk groups to which the campaign is focused, the one that has best responded to the call of the health authority has been that of the  chronically ill, where 54.2% of the goal has already been vaccinated , followed closely by the  elderly with 38.8% . The third place on the list is occupied by  pregnant women over 13 weeks with 37.4% , followed by  poultry workers and pig farms with 33.3% , leaving the segment of  minors at the end between 6 months and 6 years with 26.6% .

As for the breakdown by regions, the  Region of O’Higgins and the Metropolitan  are the two that concentrate the best rates of advancement, with  42.3% (131,138 immunized) and 41.9% (893,604), respectively . Meanwhile, the  Region of Arica and Parinacota  has shown the  lowest level of progress, with 24.1% (20,243).