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The Chile Ministry of Health reported the second monkeypox death in the country. The patient was a older male who was unvaccinated and diagnosed on October 20.


He had underlying pathologies and a weakened immune system (immunosuppression).

In June of this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health alert for Monkey Pox, and as of November 15, more than 79,000 infections and 50 deaths have been recorded.

The main route of transmission of Monkey Pox is prolonged close skin-to-skin contact, so people with multiple sexual partners or with risky behaviors are more likely to get sick.

The Health Authority emphasizes the importance of timely consultation in a healthcare center when symptoms such as lesions of the skin or mucous membranes, particularly in the genital area, can be accompanied by a temperature above 38.5ºC, inflamed nodes, pain headache and muscle pains.

Among the preventive measures, it is recommended to avoid close skin-to-skin contact with people who have lesions that resemble Monkey Pox; do not kiss, hug, or have sexual relations in saunas, clubs, discotheques, mass events or private and public sex parties; and do not use objects and utensils that have been used by a person with the disease, such as cutlery, cups, clothes, towels, sheets or others.

The Ministry of Health started the post-exposure vaccination on October 19 and it is available throughout the country as part of the strategy to contain the outbreak, to be inoculated contact the SEREMI of health in your region.

In addition, through the Department of Epidemiology, the Ministry of Health initiated surveillance according to international recommendations, among which are:

-Alert to the national epidemiology network.

-Beginning of monkeypox surveillance.

-Implementation of electronic form for the notification of cases.

– Reinforcement of laboratory capacities.