The Health Commissioner of Bayannaoer in Inner Mongolia, China has reported (computer translated) a suspect case of bubonic plague.

No information about the patient has been released.


This has prompted health authorities to announced to launch a level III emergency response to prevent and control the plague Sunday.

The alert also announces (translated):

At present, there is a risk of the spread of human plague epidemic in the city. The general public is requested to strictly follow the requirements of the “three no three reports” of plague prevention and control , and effectively do personal protection and improve self-protection awareness and ability. Unauthorized hunting of epidemic animals, non-peeling of epidemic animals, unauthorized carrying of epidemic animals and their products out of the epidemic area; reporting of diseased (dead) marmots and other animals, reporting of suspected plague patients, and unidentified causes Patients with high fever and sudden death should be reported. It is necessary to enter the plague epidemic source cautiously. If you have a history of living in the plague epidemic source, you should go to a designated hospital in a timely manner if you experience fever and other uncomfortable symptoms.

This follows a number of plague cases reported last fall in China (see below):