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China health officials report rapidly advancing development of COVID-19 vaccines targeting the Omicron variant.

Image/Portugal MOH

The official, Zheng Zhongwei, with the National Health Commission said it is too early to determine if the Omicron variant would diminish the efficacy of existing vaccines.

“We think the majority of vaccines remain effective,” he said. “Despite the possibility of some degree of immunity escape, our initial finding is that they still have marked effects on preventing severe diseases and deaths.”

Like with the Delta variant, Zheng says they are speeding up the development of different types of vaccines targeting the Omicron variants.

To date, China has not reported any Omicron variant cases.

Currently, health officials are reporting COVID-19 in the border city of Manzhouli in north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The city has reported 194 locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases in the latest outbreak.

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