The number of cholera cases in the current Iraq outbreak has increased by 62 since the last report Saturday, bringing the country total to 1,263. The laboratory confirmed cases are identified as Vibrio cholerae 01 Inaba, according to UN health officials.

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Middle East Image/W123 via Wikimedia commons

The cases were reported from at least 15 governorates of the country – Including Babylon (469 cases), Baghdad (304 cases), Qadisiyyah (146 cases), Muthanna (155 cases), Basra (61 cases), Wassit (41 cases), Karbala (33 case), Najaf (32 cases), Thi-qar (6 cases), Maysan (6 cases), Diyala (2 cases), Duhok (2 cases), Erbil (2 cases), Kirkuk (2 cases), Salah al-din (1 case) and Suleimaniyah (1 case).

In addition to a stepped up outbreak response in the affected governorates, preparedness activities have been geared up in the camps hosting the internally displaced people and refugees as well.

These include distribution of bottled water, water kits, hygiene kits, bleaching powder and chlorine tablets; establishment of water distribution points; sanitation activities, such as disinfecting septic tanks at health facilities, conducting targeted sanitation improvements including for the water treatment plant, as well as regular cleaning of latrines and bathing facilities and proper solid waste collection, disposal and management; and dissemination of key messages on cholera prevention through several networks including social media, national radio channels, SMS messages and door to door campaigns.