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Yemeni health officials reported an additional 27,840 suspected cases of cholera with 48 associated deaths during the week ending April 14.

Eighteen percent of these are considered severe cases.

The districts reporting the highest number of suspected cases of cholera during the latest week are Bani al Harith (869), Shu’aub (855), As Sabain (808), Ma’ain (737), and Hamdan (636).

The outbreak has affected 21 of 23 governorates and 286 of 333 districts in Yemen since the beginning of 2019.

Since April 27, 2017, Yemen has seen 1.6 million cholera cases and 3200 deaths.


The Ministry of Health of Somalia has announced 40 new suspected cases of cholera, with no deaths during the last week of March. Of the 40 cases reported during week 13, 45% of the cases (18) are children below 5 years of age.

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This brings the outbreak total to more than 7000 cases and 486 deaths since December 2017.

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