The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has declared the end of the Zika epidemic that arrived in Colombia in September 2015, that to date has resulted in 99,721 cases were reported, of which 8,826 were laboratory-confirmed and 90,895 clinically suspected, according to a ministry news release Monday (computer translated).

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Colombia map
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According to the Ministry, after reviewing the numbers, which have been falling by about 600 cases per week, it decided to declare the end of the epidemic. However, health officials said Zika cases will continue to appear all over the country.

Of this total, 17,730 cases are in pregnant women, which has been closely tracked by health officials. Vice-Minister Fernando Ruiz Gómez said that “In September and October of this year we will see an increase in microcephaly cases, since the women infected at the peak of the epidemic will give birth in those months.”

Despite the declaration, health officials remind citizens to remain vigilant, especially in pregnant women. “Those who live in places up to 2,200 meters above sea level should use repellent and adequate clothing to avoid mosquito bites, and for those who live above 2,200 meters, please don’t travel into hot areas during pregnancy,” said Ruiz Gómez.