The Colombian National Institutes of Health (INS) say the Zika virus epidemic is on the decline recording some 80,000 cases to date, with only Brazil reporting more.


Over the weekend, the INS announced in their latest epidemiological bulletin five confirmed microcephaly cases associated with Zika virus, according to Globedia Perú (computer translated).

Microcephaly is defined by unusually small heads and can result in developmental problems.

Brazil has confirmed about 1,300 cases of microcephaly and considers most of them to be related to Zika infections.

Since the beginning of the epidemic have been reported 6,402 cases of Zika virus infection confirmed by laboratory and clinical suspects 77,487. Of these, 15,038 have affected pregnant.

Colombia has also recorded more than 500 cases of neurological syndromes – mainly of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS)- with a history compatible with Zika virus fever.

More than 300,000 suspected and confirmed Zika virus cases have been reported in the Americas.