A Colombian man has been diagnosed with co-infections of three mosquito borne viruses transmitted by the Aedes vector, dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika, according to a study published in the Journal of Infection and Public Health.


The researchers from Sincelejo, Colombia say the 49-year-old man from Sincelejo constantly traveled to different regions of the country and was probably exposed to different viruses in different areas.

The patient sought hospital after spending four days with fever of 38 ° C, conjunctivitis and red spots on the back and arms. After being subjected to antibody tests to detect the three viruses, all were positive.

Addition to these symptoms, doctors still noticed redness and swelling of the lymph nodes in the legs. No specific symptom was detected as result of interaction between the two viruses, however. The researchers say that one must be attentive to the co-infection in areas such as Brazil and Colombia, where the three viruses circulating.