The Ministry of Health in Comoros Islands has confirmed a new measles outbreak, coming in the aftermath of the tropical cyclone that devastated the country in April 2019, according to a World Health Organization report.


Through June 1, a total of 66 suspected measles cases have been reported, of which 16 were confirmed.

There have been no associated deaths, although one severe case was hospitalized. The most affected of the four Comoros Islands is Grand Comoros (Ngazidja), particularly the District of Moroni.

Eighty percent of the reported cases are in the age range of six months to 14 years, with children between 6-8 months most affected. Most affected children have been in contact with unvaccinated adults, and most cases are pre-vaccination, unvaccinated or of unknown vaccination status.

WHO says the last measles outbreak in the country, with more than 1 000 cases, was reported 13 years ago. However, there has been a consistent decline in measles vaccination coverage, estimated at 90% in 2017, which leads to an accumulation of susceptible individuals.

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