The Connecticut Department of Public Health confirmed the state’s third measles case of the year on Friday.

The patient from New Haven County contracted the viral disease during the last week of March while on a visit to Brooklyn, NY and is linked to an ongoing outbreak of measles in New York City.

The latest case of measles is not related to two previously confirmed cases in Connecticut reported in January.

New York City health commissioner orders vaccination amidst measles outbreak

“We are monitoring and investigating this case very closely, including working with our local health departments to follow up with any individuals that may have been exposed to measles,” said Connecticut DPH Commissioner Renée D. Coleman-Mitchell.  “Science tells us that the single best thing anyone can do to protect themselves from this highly contagious virus is to get vaccinated. Connecticut has very high vaccination rates, so we are at low risk for a widespread measles outbreak.  If you have a fever and a rash and you think you might have measles, you should avoid public settings and call your healthcare provider BEFORE going directly to a healthcare facility so steps can be taken to avoid possibly exposing others.”

The latest case of measles in Connecticut had rash onset on April 11, 2019.  The infectious period for this individual is between April 7-12, 2019 and the case was isolated as of today.  The average incubation period of measles (from contact with a case until onset of rash) is 14 days, with a range of 7–21 days. Cases are considered infectious from four days before rash onset through four days after.